Informational Interview 1

For my first interview, I talked Lauren, who is in charge of the internship program at Hour Media. She is also the publishing and advertising coordinator, which requires her to serve as the right hand to the publisher and the director of advertising. I found this to be a good combination because I am interested in studying social media and advertising academically, and am working in the publishing sector at Hour this summer. Similar to me, Lauren always knew she wanted to work in magazine. She hoped to work for National Geographic based on her love for travel, but unexpectedly moved to Michigan and found work with Hour Magazine instead. She majored in public relations in college, with a minor in art history. I am also looking to minor in art history, so it was reassuring and interesting that she had taken the same path. She told me that her studies in art history gave her a good, artistic eye and made her more cultured. I hope to gain this same type of creative edge. Lauren interned with a consulting company when she was my age, and confirmed that an internship is a great way to learn how to work and talk with people, as well as get used to a professional environment. She believes that a magazine work environment is different from others, as a magazine displays what they are about every month when they publish, making them more vulnerable compared to lines of work where just one executive is dealing with a client at a time. She closed by telling me that it is really important to have a strong skill set and a good personality when working in a magazine. After talking to Lauren, I feel confident that my path of study will help me get where I want to be in my career, and that the magazine industry is the office environment for me.

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