Informational Interview #2

After my first interview experience I began to realize how beneficial it is to connect with people and ask them personal questions that will help guide me in the right direction. This time when choosing who I interviewed I decided to do it a little differently. I wanted to connect with a U Mich Alumni (because U Mich people are the best 🙂 ) but I wanted to get an idea about a field that I began to take interest in at my current internship. I am interning in the marketing field but over the past few weeks I have become interested in HR and recruiting. Throughout the summer we have events with other interns and departments and the work that they do such as creating events for intern teams and other fun tasks really made me think about a career in HR. I decided to find someone to chat with in HR and ask them questions about their daily tasks, the fields they were in before they chose HR, what they studied in school and the most interesting thing they have ever read on a resume. One thing that stuck with me during this interview was not necessarily in her responses, but in the way she was happy to hear my questions, answer them, and guide me on the right path. I think that as a Michigan student, we get the opportunity to have AMAZING connections that will help us in the long run. I realized that I should use Linked In and other sources to connect with more alumni in more fields because it is really helpful to know that people are always willing to talk to you and make career decisions as fun as they can be!

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