Informational Interview #2

Though Fabletics seems like the perfect company for me, I wanted to explore outside the company to connect with other professionals in the field. I decided to find someone who worked at a company I would love to work at in the future. I chose to interview the senior marketing director at UberEATS. I chose her because I have always loved the marketing tactics within Uber itself – so I decided why not interview someone who is an employee for a marketing extension of the company!

The interview was very informational. I learned the exact path she went through to end up at her job. She taught me how past experiences with different companies can really appeal when interviewing for other companies. She told me to take advantage of all working experiences – because, in the end, those experiences will help me get to my ideal career job. She also explained how experiences in the work field will allow you to create different connections which can all lead back when trying to get an interview for a job.

I was very inspired after this interview to not only build my connections more at Fabletics – but to start undertaking different work experiences, big or small. Even small experiences will help shape my learning and candidacy for jobs. I took her words to heart. At the beginning of fall semester, I plan to apply for different volunteer opportunities for start-ups in Ann Arbor. Even working for a couple of hours a week for a start-up, I believe I can use these different experiences to my advantages when applying to future jobs.

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