Informational Interview #2 | Outside Wetherly

For my second informational interview, I had the privilege of being able to connect with another PR account executive located in New York City. We were able to connect because she is an alumna of my sorority at Michigan, where she previously held my current executive board position, as well as being the same major (Communication Studies).

She works at a small boutique PR firm that has clients in technology, arts, and non-profit. While all my experience has been in fashion PR, it was great to see many sides of the PR industry and how it can have clients across all industries. Working on a different side of PR would be a great opportunity to expand my horizons. We also discussed how coming from a small town in Michigan to the city can be overwhelming but is a great experience nonetheless.

After my 12 weeks of a digital PR intership, I have decided that I want to shift my future career focus towards a more quantative digital marketing experience. My background in PR can easily transition into the marketing field, as digital social media campaigns are critical to both industries. I felt comfortable sharing this with her, as we have a previous history together. She was able to get me in touch with another alumna of our sorority, who currently works at a digital marketing firm in NYC too, so not only was I able to learn more about what she does, I was able to make a possible future connection as well!


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