Interview 2

This individual and I connected because she is a defense attorney and I am interested in pursuing a career in law. I met her during my internship because our office is connected to the Federal Court House. I am frequently visiting the court house and meeting different lawyers. Lawyers are different than probation officers in that they went to law school. While defense attorneys are trying to protect the defendant, probation officers work for the government and must oppose the defendant because they have broken the law.  I learned from Vicki that dealing with clients can be difficult. Her profession is a mixture of social work and criminal justice because she explained to me that sometimes she has to deal with her clients’ family and personal life. She has helped me shape the direction I want to go in, in terms of law school, and I think that I will not go to law school but pursue graduate school in either criminal justice or social work. She told me that there are too many lawyers and I should pursue a career I am passionate about, especially if I am passionate about social work. For the remainder of my internship I will continue to analyze my experience with probation and see if it may be the career I want to pursue.

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