My Future Professional Career | Blog #6

As a school of Information student, it might seem odd that I pursued a strictly financial internship with almost no relation to tech. However, what I did find is that this job required working with data and trying to come to conclusions. It involved me performing somewhat similar tasks to classroom activities. Ultimately, this experience allowed me to develop my analytical skills while learning about financial metrics and how a variety of different businesses operate. I am very grateful that I was able to have this experience because, one, it gave me a deeper insight to the financial world and the high level decisions that businesses make, and two it made me realize that credit investing is not a career path that I want to purse. This is due to the fact that, while this type of investing is technically contributing to economic growth, our firm does not really add value to any business or company. Even though credit investing is the piece that allows private equity firms to purchase companies, all the analysis that goes into one of these deals does not help the company itself. What I mean by this is that when a firm like our analyzes a business and tries to find every possible flaw with its operations, it is only to access the risk of the investment and not to help the business fix these flaws or to run more efficiently. If we find issues in a business that are significant, from a basic level, our firm will make make one of three decisions. One, pass on the deal because it is too risky, two, try to negotiate a lower amount of debt to provide, or three, increase our rate to compensate for the risk we are taking. In my next job I want to pursue either a different avenue of finance such as consulting, that aims to add value to businesses, or something in the data analytics world that attempts to improve different types of processes with the conclusions that they derive from data. While this is very broad, this coming year at school my goal is to talk to peers, teachers, career counselors, or anyone willing to help, about career advice. When having these discussions, I want to focus on my goals and interests as well as determining what would best suit me at this point in my professional career. I plan to apply to a wide range on internships and after consulting with many others, choose the job that best fits the criteria I have just described.

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