Never Give Up! (Informational Interview #1)

For one of my informational interviews, I had the opportunity to visit the Prada headquarters in New York to interview someone who is high up in the corporate office and makes a lot of big decisions. He shared with me his interesting experience in New York and his fascinating story of how he got to where he is.


I connected with him because he and I shared a similar university experience in terms of our academic interests in school and I also reached out to him because of the company he works for. He helped me understand what was required to succeed and by sharing his experiences, he taught me a very important skill and that is to stay connected with people, because you never know how you may cross paths with people in life.


Talking to him, I also realized that now is the time to start looking for different opportunities. He gave me a meaningful tip about starting to look for things now so I can be well prepared for next summer. The most important takeaway from our conversation for me was to never give up, and that everyone has different ways to achieve their goals!

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