Perseverance #5

It is sad to think that I only have less than two weeks left at Roc Nation. There is so much more to do and so much more to learn! I have finally reached a set routine in which I feel very confident. Believe me, this took some time. As one of my tasks, I perform outreach for Roc artists and athletes. This means that I find unique brands that align with our clients, and vice versa, to create a successful and mutually beneficial partnership. The first step is to research different brands and find the correct contacts to reach out to. At first, I was a little awkward with the follow-up. It was an adjustment to speak to corporate individuals outside of Roc Nation on the phone discussing partnerships. I was told ahead of time that I needed to have thick-skin for this, and I later found out that this is, indeed, true. Some of the individuals that I called were either uninterested, not pleasant, or both. I was hung up on a few times and occasionally spoken to in a very rude manner. Though, I persevered and continued to make phone calls until I was well-accomplished. Now, whenever I am asked to do outreach, I do so successfully and with a smile on my face!

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