Too much time on my hands | #2

During the first few weeks of my internship, I found it very difficult to keep myself busy. My supervisor wasn’t prepared for me to come to the station so soon. Therefore, I tended to be on my phone more than I expected or should’ve been. However, I got in trouble a few times, but I was between a rock and a hard place because they wanted me to remain busy while not having enough work to remain busy. My solution became putting myself out more. That meant becoming proactive with my methods to receive work. I consistently asked everyone if they needed help with anything.  I did not care if it was the tedious task ever. Over time I no longer had to ask for work, because they just began to give it to me without hesitation. I became the girl at work who had a constant thirst for work. Additionally, being proactive helped me become better with going after what I want, which is what I often struggle with because I am shy.

The best part of opening my mouth for more work is that I gained a stronger relationship with some of my co workers.  In fact, many perks also came from this experience. Some of which included free food from employees and a stronger connection to my work place. When I first came to DTE, I noticed how most of the people had great relationships with each other. I wondered what caused them to have such great bonds. As I grew closer to everyone, I realized that it was the all of the time and stories they shared together. I was delighted to feel like I was a part of the DTE family. I’m beyond proud to see where improving one weak area despite my fear has taken me. Best of all, I’m starting to feel like my connections have become endless. I’m becoming more and more excited to see where this company will take me.


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