We were somewhere around Burbank, on the edge of the valley, when the drugs began to take hold | #4

“Goals are good.” -Me.

“Adapting your goals to shifting situations and expectations is better.” -Someone smarter than Me.

At the beginning of the summer I wrote that I had two primary goals that I wanted to accomplish: (1) Create 3 pieces of video content that I can use for my personal portfolio and (2) establish a network of connections, and while the second goal has fortunately been going smoothly, some alterations are needed for the first.

Since coming to Los Angeles for the summer, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of professional sets. [And quick sidebar: I live for being on set. There is nothing I love more or no other place I’d rather be than on set making content.] While I enjoyed every moment of these sets and can’t wait to work on more, being the low man (intern) on the totem pole, I would always work as a production assistant. This means that I didn’t play a significant enough role for the final videos to be considered my own or a display of my skills and therefore I cannot place them in my portfolio.

Although I have some other film shoots coming up where I will play a more significant role and may consider adding to the portfolio, to me my first goal should be altered to work on at least 3 professional sets (check that one off while we’re at it).

The funniest part is that with this alteration, my two goals suddenly become extensions of one another. One of the key things I learned on set is that set is simply another place for networking. Connections, connections, connections. This city lives and thrives off of them, and without them you’re nothing, or more appropriately: nobody.

Fortunately, I don’t believe I’ve had any problems striving to accomplish my second goal (I say striving to accomplish because one can never have enough connections, one can never stop networking, and therefore the goal can never be fully “accomplished”). On set, off set, in the office, out on the town, always grabbing coffee, food, drinks, the attempt at connections is a 24 hour job and as exhausting (not to mention expensive) as it is, it feels good.

At the beginning of the summer I was considering moving to LA after graduation, and the longer I spend working in this city, the more possible and plausible that vision becomes. For now I’m going to continue to work, continue to meet people, and continue to have fun as the summer wraps up. Who knows where I’ll end up in a year, but LA certainly doesn’t seem like the worst place to be.

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