Wrapping it Up

On my last week of my internship, and after 13 weeks, I must say most of what I have learned at this job has not been what I expected. To sum it up, here are a few conclusions I have come to:

  1. My degree does to confine the job I do, but instead it trains my approach to assignments and trains my logical thinking skills. A lot of courses I have taken at Michigan, required long hours of focus and constant studying due to the rigorous coursework or heavy material and frequent exams. Most often, I had 17-18 exams in one semester. This rigor really built up the mentality in me that every assignment at work was due asap, and had to be completed with detail and attention. To do this, intense focus was required, meaning no replying to messages on my phone or computer for 10+ hours and immersing myself in my task that I even forget about the time.
  2. Clear communication is important. All those team projects in school aren’t for nothing, communicating clearly through messaging and in person with others is so important in getting the task done properly. Even being available to answer necessary messages frequently, is important in making sure we don’t keep others waiting.
  3. Globalization. Asking others about their culture and the backgrounds they come from is so important in being able to work together more effectively through understanding why someone would think in a certain manner and understand why they have certain opinions and viewpoints. Being here in HK, I would say I have met people from over 20 countries and even learning about how the education systems in other countries work has helped me understand how to socialize with those around me more effectively.

With that said, hoping that my last 2 days here at work and last week and a half here in HK can be spent tying up the loose strings, saying good-byes and reflecting on how this experience here will play a role in my post-grad decisions and next steps forward. Coming back to the States, will probably be another cultural shock, even remembering how American lifestyle is and to adjust to a slower-paced life, but perhaps it’ll make me appreciate even more what I had here.

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