And That’s A Wrap

Throughout my two months at Live Nation I have learned many things about myself, the music industry at large, and the everyday life of someone working at an entry level position in digital media marketing.  As my internship is coming to an end, I feel it’s safe to say I do not see myself working in the digital media ad space I once found intriguing. It was cool getting to learn about all of the technology, formulas, codes and processes that are behind every ad you see on the internet, but all in all I found it to be mundane and not mentally challenging.  Although of course I was just the intern and I couldn’t expect to be doing any interesting, stimulating tasks, through observing my boss I realized that no matter what the tour is or where the concert is, she does the same thing every day.  I feel as though moving forward I will be more focused on exploring positions that either force the person in the role to think strategically or creatively every day. Throughout my time at the company I got to learn about all the different teams that make up this large and booming company, and I realized I have a strong interest towards exploring data analytics and business strategy.  They are the ones that take all the data, all the revenue reports, all the spending sheets, and figure out ways they can increase the company’s profit margin and keep expanding.  This to me sounds like a job I would be good at because everyday you are forced to keep using your mind and ideas to go forward.  All in all I am so grateful for the experience I got to have at Live Nation and all the different people I have met, and hope to reconnect with them again someday.

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