Work Culture

Work culture is very important to me. I believe that work culture involves the people with which you work, and their overall attitudes. It can also imply companies’ goals and values. Based on my employer’s opinions, I believe that he also has the same outlook of what work culture means. While considering my ideal work culture, there are definitely elements that are important to me, as well as my growth as a professional. For example, it is best for everyone to have a friendly, positive and outgoing attitude. This way, I can learn as much as possible because I know that my co-workers will be happy to help me. Additionally, a laid-back, but still professional, atmosphere is important to me. Of course, if an atmosphere is too laid back, lines can become blurred between social and work. However, if a work environment is too conservative and tense, I believe that communication and productivity can be hindered.

Overall, my physical work environment at my internship matches my work style. All of the interns sit at tables together, which I prefer over individual, isolated work desks for an internship. This way, it is easier for us to collaborate on projects. Although at times it can be distracting, I have adapted by learning to multitask and do my work while others are talking. I hope that my career work environment has the same collaborative atmosphere, but that I can have my own individual workspace.

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