Blog 4: The last few days

The summer is coming to end like it always does and my work is coming to stop as I have done before. The routine is simple enough, I have done it many times by now. Archive your work, clear up your things, and make sure that everything is placed with detailed notes(don’t want to get lost during the summer). The only difference is that instead of chemicals, I am working with ones of zero. But I have always enjoyed this time. For one, it is a small break from work and school that reminds me of the summers that I used to have before high school.  But the main reason is that it is a good time to look back upon what you have done and often time it is much more than you first thought. At least it is for me. It can bring a sense of achievement for me, that I did so much and learned so much. But it can also bring a sense of dread as I start to remember all the mistakes I have made, and all the time I had wasted. I start to question the things I did and wonder if I could have been faster or better and if there was more that I could have done? But it good to think about these things, not dwell on them but to think about them. There is always something that I or anyone else in my position could have done better. It is when we think about these things that we strive to improve. So that what I will do in the fall, Strive to improve. But for now, I have check to make sure that my notes are in order.

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