Blog #4 Useful Information/Skills

Over the course of the summer I have learned numerous skills at my internship ranging from communication between businesses to small things like processing invoices.  While all these tasks were different from one another I found that many of them called for fluency in a shared program; Microsoft Office, particularly Excel.

Prior to my internship I thought I had a pretty good grasp of how to use Excel, or at least I thought.  While I could create a balance sheet without much trouble I admittedly was not prepared for the large database work that I would be tasked with.  Thankfully learning by doing has worked out well throughout the summer along with the occasional help of a colleague.  I will walk away knowing much more about manipulating databases in Excel when I leave, and I am very thankful for that because I’ve realized how powerful that data can be when it can be interpreted.  I would advise students interested in finance or accounting to challenge themselves with larger projects in Excel than they are used to as it will benefit them greatly later on.

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