Blog 5: Overcoming Obstacles

The biggest obstacle I faced in my internship occurred in the first two weeks that I arrived. This past year we decided to replace the “dead animal room” of the nature center with the “sustainabilaroom.” There was a class at U of M (environ 391) that helped create posters and activities for the new room, however, there were some technical issues with the posters. When my boss ordered the posters to be printed, the majority of them came back extremely pixelated. This was an issue with the size of the images on the posters so I was tasked with finding new images for each of the ~fifteen posters. Once I started editing each of the posters I noticed that there were more issues with them, such as typos and using multiple fonts on the same poster. I ended up spending a lot more time editing these posters than I expected, so I got a bit behind on other tasks that I needed to do to get ready for campers to arrive. When push came to shove, I was able to delegate certain tasks (picking up the recycling from around camp) in order to get the more urgent tasks done (setting up the sustainabilaboard in the dining hall). This experience emphasized the necessity to be flexible and able to ask for help when needed in a professional setting.

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