Blog Post #4 – almost there!

Our team has been hard work with the programs! I have taken the reins on D2R in creating the budget, memo, curriculum guide and structure for the upcoming school year. I have identified potential partners and offices on campus to fund the program- and will be meeting with them soon. The high schools we work with should be contacted in a couple weeks, towards the beginning of their school year. It’s exciting to see how quickly things are coming together, however that means I will have to work harder and faster. I’m worried about getting the program off the ground – as it has a different format and slightly different goals than it’s pilot event. The high schoolers seem to be looking forward to it – or at least the ones I’ve spoken to. It’s going to be a lot of more work to go, especially with trying to get my high school involved again. However, I am determined that this will go well, and if it doesn’t that I and my team will be able to fix things.


we’re always at the meeting table same as usual! So i included a picture from the pilot event of the program.

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