Blog Post#1 Describe your internship and what drew you to this opportunity

This summer I am interning at a nonprofit called World Sport Chicago. I am a Marketing and Events Intern for them. In this capacity, I will work with World Sport Chicago on the events that they put on (fundraisers, community sports for kids), and help them market their ideas to prospective donors and the general public.

World Sport Chicago uses sport to improve the community. Whether this is by putting on community sports for kids that are in need or by working with the sports teams in the city to raise money, the company does a lot for Chicago.The reason I was drawn to the internship was because I have always loved sports and wanted to work with it in some capacity. Even though I am a political science major, this has always been a goal of mine. I remember when I was young and I played a bunch of sports. Sport taught me a lot of great things that I would use later in my life. Whether that was building my character, learning about teamwork, or just plain exercise, I knew the power of sport. That was why I wanted to intern at a company that works with sport because I know how powerful it can be. Many people think sports is only about fun, but if they learn more about it, they will realize it can be a lot more than that. That is why I was drawn to the opportunity to intern at World Sport Chicago.

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