Coffee Meetings | #4

I felt truly knowledgable of the circumstances I would be subjecting myself to when beginning this experience. That being said, there was one thing that I wish had been reiterated to me before starting. Up in till this part of my life, all of my academic and professional experience has been at The University of Michigan, and I didn’t know if the academic culture would be any different at Harvard, so I went about my days trying to learn my place as opposed to creating opportunities. I wish I knew (or maybe “I wish I was reminded” would be more correct) that academia is a generally collaborative field, and meeting with individuals within your desired profession is normal. As I approach the end, I’ve met with a few professors one on one, and sent many many cold emails. I’ve connected with professors from Stanford, Berkeley, Boston University, and obviously Harvard, and I only wish I started doing that earlier. Not only does each coffee-meeting act as a practice for the next, it also builds connections that will certainly help in narrowing down potential graduate schools and graduate advisors. I hope to keep this process moving forward, even as I return to The University of Michigan. Its given me confidence in my own academic abilities, as well as context for the future I hope to have.

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  • August 6, 2017 at 4:46 am

    “I went about my days trying to learn my place as opposed to creating opportunities”

    I really like this sentence because I fall victim to this as well. Opportunities are created by us rather than given to us and I should really keep this in mind as I continue my education because I will need to have the right connections to get the information that I need for my future career. I am proud of you for having so many coffee meetings and getting familiar with sitting down and getting to know professors. Keep up the great work, Logan!


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