Connecting My Communications and Business Studies to Digital Marketing | Blog #6

During my internship in Digital PR at Wetherly Group, I learned tremendous amounts about the future career I want to pursue. I decided that while I loved being on the digital side of things, direct PR is not the path for me long-term. While originally this decision seemed terrifying, as both my internships have been in the PR field, I desire a career that is more quantitate and data driven. This has led me to now pursue a career in the field of digital marketing. Specifically, I hope to explore paid social and search engine marketing. I had a hint of paid social media marketing campaigns in my digital internship this summer, which should hopefully allow me to transition to a digital marketing internship next summer. Despite the fact that my internship at Wetherly was PR based, it was still incredibly useful in not only teaching me skills about the digital sphere, but also showing me what career I really seek. Without taking this internship and having this experience, I may have never sought out digital marketing as a potential future for myself.

In regards to my academic path at Michigan, my major in Communication Studies will continue to allow me to explore media and technology and the role the digital sphere plays. In addition, as a recent admit to the Ross Minor in Business, I will be able to now take direct marketing courses to contribute to my knowledge in digital marketing. This semester, I will start to take a combination of both Communications and Business courses. I am confident that my academic plan at Michigan will continue to benefit me tremendously both academically and professionally. I am looking forward to the next semester with goals in mind- to continue my comm and business education as well as start researching digital agencies that I would like to intern for next summer.

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