Favorite Internship Experiences

During the summer I actually had two favorite experiences during my internship. My first favorite experience was working on a research project for one of the senior managers or lead figures within my company. My overall project was to research all the commodities that were exported from Canada and organize the data later within a power point. I liked this project the most because it was one of the few moments I was interacting with a lead figure during my internship. Usually, when I would conduct projects I will email them to my supervisor, whom was an economic analyst and she would then forward my work to the senior manager or whom ever I was conducting work for. After I completed this project I had the opportunity to email my work directly to the manager and it overall felt really nice to not just receive recognition on my hard work from my supervisor but, from the manager as well.


My second favorite experience during my internship was when some people in the office would play soccer during their lunch break on Tuesdays. I had played soccer in high school, loved it and was happy to have the opportunity to play again amongst coworkers. I overall believe this experience allowed for me to become closer with my coworkers. I was able to interact with people whom I would not usually see every day and it was just a great opportunity to get to know more people in my office. Soccer during lunch breaks on Tuesdays was something that made me always look forward to going to work during the beginning of the week.

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