Final Weeks | #5

I can’t believe that my months of interning at Sadlier are coming to a close.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had to intern at Sadlier this summer. It definitely gave me a chance to learn more about what it would be like working in a research and design department as well as a marketing department. I truly got to see what it was like to work as a team with co-workers which is so different compared to group projects that you’re assigned in school.

Honestly, I was truly relieved to have such a pleasant and close-knit working environment that wanted me to actually lead a project instead of only assisting others.This made me realize what type of work environment I want to have once I graduate. I aspire to work in a collaborative and large work environment where ideas are shared frequently and everyone works as a team.

This experience has allowed me to realize what kind of company I want to work for after I graduate as well as what skills will be extremely valuable. I definitely believe that my internship has influenced my plans for the future. I know that I am now incredibly interested in pursuing research and development as a career. I want to pursue more research opportunities as soon as I get back in campus so that I can see if that is what I am truly passionate about.

On a whole, my internship honed my communication skills, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, and research skills to only name a few. Not to mention that this internship has shown me what post-graduate life can be like for me and it’s extremely exciting.

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