First Few Weeks Blog #1

The Mayo Clinic Hospital draws all types of people into it’s doors, and I have witnessed this first hand in the lab I am working in. There are surgeons, physicians, scientists, mathematicians, and all kinds of people running in and out of the lab on a daily basis. I was lucky enough to secure a research assistant position in the Mathematical Neuro Oncology Lab, also known as the PNT Lab (Precision Neurotherapeutics Lab).  Working here is intimidating, but this year I feel more comfortable because it is my second year working in this particular lab.

I was drawn to return to this position because I couldn’t pass up the world renown name of Mayo. Being able to work at one of the top hospitals in the world is something I will always cherish and be proud of. Working in this lab I am lucky enough to be given my own research project. Essentially I am looking at different cancer therapies and how it affects glioblastomas (brain tumors). Even though it takes a lot of focus and long days, I wouldn’t trade this internship for another. I am learning from some of the best physicians and researchers in the world, and each day presents a new challenge.

Tatum D

I am a rising Senior at the University of Michigan working at The Mayo Clinic as a research assistant in a mathematical neuro-oncology lab.

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