Informational Interview 1 Reflection

For my first Informational Interview, I decided to reach out to a former Michigan wolverine who happens to be working at the same company as me. Not only was I interested in talking to this person because they went to the University of Michigan, this person also happens to work in a department that intrigues me and maintains a job title that I would be very interested in pursuing in the future. During my interview, I asked the person what a typical day is like in her world. This person a stylist on the creative team, so many of his/her days consist of photo-shoots and sample pulling for those photo-shoots. This person is responsible for dressing the models in appropriate garments and for styling these garments to a tee to represent the brand in the best, most attractive light. This stylist explained to me that each day she gets to explore his/her creativity in new ways. He/she loves the hands-on aspect of his/her job and that specific part of it is what makes it worthwhile. From my interview I learned that it is really important to do something that makes you feel like you are making an impact on the company you work for and the outside world in which it operates. My experience speaking with this person made me want to attempt pursing a possible hands-on class at Michigan that would allow me to express more of my creativity, and possibly apply for a job that is hands-on in the future.

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