Mischief Managed.

13 weeks. 1 hour. That’s all the time I had to squeeze 13 weeks of work at Schox Patent Group.

It’s been one interesting summer and as I write this on my last day at my desk, I can’t help be thankful. Thankful for the opportunity to live and spend a summer in San Francisco. Thankful for all the new friends I’ve made and connections I’ve built. And of course, thankful to Jeff Schox for hosting me at an internship that I think I learned more about myself and my future than anything else.

I’ve learned so much of how to make something mine. This summer, I had to take control of my project and not just depend on my boss to tell me what to do. There was no clear end goal or deliverable, it was just to explore and see what was out there.

Was it slow some days?

Yeah, most definitely.

But putting myself in an environment I’ve never worked in before, in an all new area of entrepreneurship that I’ve never explored has been one the best learning and growing experiences I’ve had the privilege to experience.

Thank you, Schox Patent Group, Thank you, San Francisco.


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