Post 3

This week at Kedge, I work with anime again. We will turn between the poles, but I do not turn yet. Work is fine, but my family misses me more than before! I have 18 more days, so I’m excited to see them.

In addition, next week, Yazzi, Amira, and I will travel to Paris for 3 days and meet my friend Annie la, and after Yazzi, Annie, and I go to Amsterdam to meet my friend by high school, Liss. She was a foreign student during my third year of high school, and I have not seen her since then! It will be very fun being with my two friends !!

We come across another problem this week, because the wifi in our apartments does not work, so it’s very difficult for us to write our blogs and contact our families.


This week was not exciting because I am very excited to travel to Paris and Amsterdam and (also) because we do not plan much to do. But after we go back through Amsterdam, we have 6 days before we fly home. I have mixed feelings, because I love France, but because of the problems with our internship, I am a little happy to leave.

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