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This week is the final in France. Amira, Yazzi, and I are just working 3 days this week, and I was working in the anime and AJ poles.

During the two months I stayed here, I have had many obstacles, but I am glad I overcame them.

I learned a lot about culture and the French language that you can not learn in a classroom. For example, I learned that the French greet another by making the kisses. He rarely hugged, and it was weird for me to start doing kisses with strangers.

In addition, I learned that they prefer to stay in their groups, and they are not social outside of them.

Another thing that interested me during my internship was this French slang. Many times, young people do not use the << >> do before verbs when to use the negation, not just the << >> after, so I was confused when they used the negation first, but now It is easier for me to understand them.


On Friday, we leave our apartments and afterwards, we attend a meal with all the staffs at a good restaurant. The day after that, the twins Amira visited us, because it works at a summer camp in Bisacarrose, a town near Bordeaux. We showed her to our city and did the tourist things again with her.

At midnight we went on a bus to the airport and we arrived at 1 am and waited there for five hours until my flight, which departed at 6am. It was long, but we were looking at Netflix for all time, so it was passing quickly.

I am very happy to be home with my family and my dog ​​eventually, but my experience in France was very cool, especially because I improved my French.

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