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Last week on Thursday and Friday, the D-SIP cohort went on a retreat to Petoskey, Michigan as a part of the program. The retreat was meant to be a time of relaxation and reflection on all the things we have learned and accomplished throughout the internship as we approach the end. The four hour long road trip was so much fun singing along to the radio and playing games and it was a great opportunity for our already close cohort to get even closer.

When we got to Petoskey, we were warmly invited into the home of a donor to the program as well as to the University of Michigan and other philanthropic causes. There we had delicious food and listened to the donors’ wise thoughts on philanthropy and the work they were doing. They also gave us insight on careers and life in general. Afterwards, the cohort went down to the beach and had some time to relax, swim, and play volleyball. It was absolutely beautiful and was a much needed time of refreshment in the midst of our busy summers. At the end of the day, we all got together to go around and share what we were most thankful for during the internship program. It was incredibly touching to hear everyone’s sentiments and some tears were shed. Looking back, I was most thankful for the cohort and people I met that motivated me to not just be a successful person, but a better one.

The next day we went to the beach once again to reflect and take pictures and from there we went to Camp Michigania for a tour and lunch. The highlight of that trip was singing camp songs along with the kids and the food was absolutely delicious! After stuffing ourselves, we began our four hour trip back to Ann Arbor. The retreat was so much fun and Petoskey was absolutely beautiful, but more than that I think the trip really tied together this internship experience. It was a time for reflecting on the amazing relationships we’ve formed over the summer and the hard work we put into our placements. It was a time to realize how much we’ve grown not only as professionals but people as well.


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