Summer Blast, Beyond Shanghai | # 5

Being here in Shanghai is great, but I’m a passionate traveler. I always have the weekend off and have plenty of time on my hands. I actually never planned to go in the beginning but decided to travel to Jeju Island in South Korea and Thailand! I decided to take this opportunity to spend some of my hard-earned money from working part-time last year and high school to travel beyond that of Shanghai. Since Thailand and South Korea are both pretty close to China, the airplane tickets were really cheap and affordable!

I want to share my beyond Shanghai experience as I believe everything I have experienced contributes to the greater whole of my out-of-classroom education. Even though it was brief, I felt an immense amount of inspiration and differentiated perspectives within me when I immersed myself in a completely different environment. It felt mysterious yet pleasing. I really value diversity and I believe that cultural immersions foster an open-mindset and global perspective that generates limitless inspiration and creativity. Also, the new people you meet and the new interactions/connections will pull out the greatest potential out within you.

THAILAND | Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Pattaya

Recently, two weekends ago, I traveled to Thailand for a short vacation. It was UNBELIEVABLY beautiful, unique, and fun! The moment I landed in Shanghai, I was already missing Thailand and Thai food! I never imagined that I would go to Thailand this year even though I had been wanting to go (along with a million other destinations). Everything is so cheap over there ranging from taxi fares, food/produce, hotels, and much more! The different lifestyle, culture, and environment left a huge impression on me and provided invaluable insights into uncharted waters into my creativity.

I had a Thai friend, who lives there, who actually brought me around Thailand to explore all the beauty within it. I was only there for three days and did not have enough time to see/experience everything at all. What’s crazy is that I actually met my friend in Shanghai at Mandarin House. She is not an intern, but she studies Chinese at Mandarin House in preparation for the HSK 4 exam. She will be attending Nanjing University for her MBA so she will be returning to Shanghai in the fall. I definitely hope to go back to visit Thailand next year!

Mangosteen | I also had other fruits like rambutan, salak, lychee, and much more!
Classic Local Seafood Pad Thai
Mango Salad













SOUTH KOREA | Jeju Island + Udo Island

This also short trip was actually about a month ago. I actually met a Korean friend, who lived in Korea, in Shanghai as well! He was also one of the interns for CRCC. He ended up taking me around Jeju Island (the Hawaii of South Korea). We also went to Udo Island and it was crushingly gorgeous. The trip was relaxing and a nice break from all the pollution within the city.

The water was so clean and the weather was beautiful. There was not a day that it rained even when the forecast said it would rain all week. There was a bountiful supply of fresh and delicious seafood. I am actually planning to go to Korea to study and do an internship next year. I am also definitely returning back to re-experience this wonderful area, especially when I didn’t even get to climb Hallasan, the highlight of Jeju-do!






P.S. I have blogged before, but not like this. After blogging about my experiences, I think I want to create my own website featuring my blogs. I find blogs to be a great haven for reflection and a time to re-absorb what I have experienced. So, I want to personally extend my thanks to LSA Opportunity Hub for forcing me to start blogging about my adventures/experiences for the first time in my life.

One thought on “Summer Blast, Beyond Shanghai | # 5

  • August 4, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    Hi Kevin, I’m glad that you found the weekly reflections helpful for processing your experiences, and that you want to create your own website! 🙂
    Korea and Thailand look wildly different but fascinating in their own way. It’s great that you have friends in both places so that you can learn about the local lifestyle and have someone to show you around. The pictures are so beautiful – it makes me want to hop on a plane to visit!


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