The Intern Project #4

Since the second week of the internship, I was heavily involved in our intern project to “Reimagine the NBU Performance Management Process”. We were tasked to alter the current process to be a better fit with the modern workforce. Halfway through the project, we received feedback from our executive sponsor which (nicely) shredded our ideas and our proposed solution. As bad as it sounds, we needed it. Our solution was a loose compilation of suggestions, rather than a cohesive and comprehensive idea.

We eventually came up with the idea for a performance management review app. Blue Talent Mobile, as we called it, compiled goal development and feedback facilitation into a centralized and accessible location. As a member of the intern project, my involvement began to grow more and more. I became the primary designer for the user interface and functionality of Blue Talent Mobile, earmarking the important utilities of a performance management application.

With my extensive work on Blue Talent Mobile, I became an unofficial vice-chair for the project. Brittney, the chair of the project, and I had extensive meetings to polish the design and draft our presentation to the company. I was pushed to be one of the two presenters for the project due to my heavy involvement throughout. I’ll be honest, I was pretty nervous at first, but we practiced until it became second nature and prepared for potential questions. The project culminated in a presentation in the Bricktown Auditorium where the two of us presented in front of nearly 300 employees and executive leaders. The executive leaders were impressed by the solution we had brought forward and the sleekness of our proposed app, Blue Talent Mobile.

I don’t know if it will ever be officially utilized or perhaps parts of our idea will go into the future performance management process, but I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to work on an impactful project throughout the internship. The majority of my time was spent designing and fine-tuning our solution to appeal not only to leadership, but to be an effective tool for the employees. I can only hope that one day our work will be implemented in some form or another.

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