Trauma and Mental Health #3

Trauma: An emotionally distressing event that overwhelms a person’s ability to cope and involves a loss of control.

Last year during this same internship with my mentor, we focused on trauma and how it impacts our lives. He instructed me to pay close attention to the details of each patient’s lives and how different details indicate certain traumatic happenings and their meaning. This year, I feel like an expert on trauma. I’ve had a lot of practice identifying certain things and this summer, because I have my own patients now, I am able to utilize everything I have learned last summer. As I continue to observe my mentor’s therapy sessions, everything he has ever told me about trauma and everything I have read about the topic is becoming more than clear …trauma is deeply rooted in many mental disorders. Whether it is the small traumas that occur in our everyday lives or the big Traumas such as natural disasters, rape, or assault. With this internship I am getting a glance into the underlying foundation of mental health and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. The topic of trauma is now something I will continue to look into and analyze because I now see how much of an impact trauma has on our lives.






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