What I Learned From My Co-Intern #5

This summer I worked with one other intern. It is always nice to have other interns with you who are going through the same experience. Usually it is nice on a social level to have other people your age, but this year I feel as though I learned a lot from the other intern.

She was someone who took a lot of initiative throughout the summer. I have always approached my internships with an understanding that I am in a subordinate position and I am there to learn and assist where needed. However, she really took control of her learning by asking for a progress meeting with our boss halfway through the summer to see what she was doing right and what she could do better. She also made a point of asking our boss for some more challenging tasks and expressing her likes and dislikes.

While I still believe that as an intern you should do whatever is asked of you, I did learn that it is acceptable to take some control, and try to shape your internship to meet your learning needs. Internships are not known to be glamorous, but I definitely realized that there are certain steps you can take to maximize the experience.

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