A brief and belated overview | #1

Hello all! This summer has been a whirlwind and I just realized there is a blogging commitment that I have been somewhat neglectful of. I think for my first post, it would be appropriate to give an overview of the work I have been doing and why it is so integral to my education. I am a dual major in CS through LSA and Sound Engineering through SMTD. This summer, I have had the fortunate opportunity to employ both of these skill sets as a Software Engineering Intern at Apple. The group I work in (Interactive Media Group [IMG]) deals with all things media (audio, video, haptics, motion, etc…) across all of the Apple platforms (iPhone, Mac, Watch, etc…). My team specifically works on audio drivers, which at a higher level means we handle all input and output devices (microphones, speakers, etc…) and making sure all of the correct data is in the correct place at the correct time. It has been interesting to learn in this environment, as it is so much different from the academic world (I think I’ll make a separate blog post specifically about this…). The projects I have been working on are very gratifying to contribute to, and I think it stems from my deep interest in the fields that surround them. To say this internship has been a dream would be an understatement and I look forward to my remaining time here!

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