A Day In the Life | #4

This what I see every morning before I walk up to work. It’s on 18th street in downtown DC, really makes you feel like an official intern.

Every meeting we attend, the other interns and I always have some sort of notebook with us. It is essential, especially at briefings where people say so many interesting quotes. Our supervisor gave us this leather notepad covers for when we went to meetings on the hill with staffers. It was pretty epic.

The Capitol. Nuff said.

This is at the White House farmers market that happens every Thursday on Vermont St. This stand has the absolute best lemonade I have ever had in my life. Please try the sage and mint lemonade to have your world changed forever.

And here is the obligatory photo my portion of the intern’s desk. This is where the research and writing magic happens. But this is also where I share so many laughs with the fellow interns who I know consider my friends. I’ll have fond memories, that’s for sure.

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