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Describe your favorite project or presentation that you have completed for your internship.


Though I work for the Compliance and Ethics department at T-Mobile, I was brought on to work on a branding/ communication plan for the department. This has been my favorite project throughout my time here because I have been able to work with so many different people within the company to better this communication plan. Working with people is one of my favorite things to do, I’m having a great time doing it!
As the need for compliance constantly grows there is an increasing need to communicate what the Compliance and Ethics Program is and how it supports the business. Many employees and customers lack a proper understanding of what we do as a Compliance & Ethics team at T-Mobile. So it was my goal to effectively communicate the key values, purpose, and relevant info of C&E while trying to keep things simple and interesting!

First, I developed a mission statement and 5 core values for the C&E department. T-Mobile has held the title as one of the worlds “Most Ethical Companies” for 9 years and counting and this clearly doesn’t happen overnight. To allow employees and customers to understand the importance of this title I created a short paragraph and words to outline our message.

Next, I proposed various content and strategies that C&E could begin or adopt that would increase user traffic and allow employees and customers to easily interact with the department.

Finally, I added action steps that would engage people to the strategies and forms of communication mentioned above. I have learned from my pervious work experience that it is very difficult to bring people to view the content you are creating. I worked with various people in corporate communications, HR, and design to increase visibility to this content I propose.

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