And Then There Was One…

There comes a time when you balance work life and personal life. Sometimes, you go back home to visit because you miss your family, or maybe even go back home for a wedding for a close friend. Sometimes, people’s lives are moving along with yours and, unfortunately,  you have to go back to the work life and go on with yours.

Sometimes, you are lucky enough where old friends come to town to visit and, luckily enough, you get to wind down and relax after a great week at work.

After all that work hard play hard life, you start to realize that a lot of time has passed while working and that summer is slowly closing in on you. Your apartment mates are leaving before you, so what do you do? You make the best of the few days you have with them. My apartment mates have been so fun and supportive when exploring D.C., but also my biggest support system while interning here. Everyone is working so many different jobs and get stressed out in different ways, but I am so grateful for the fact that my girls have helped me cope and get through the hard days. My last text post was being grateful for meeting them, but now I am so happy that I have some really good friends to come home to and hopelessly miss D.C. with. Sadly, I am ending my internship weeks after my friends have left the city, and I am not sure how the next few weeks will go with out them.

For anyone who is reading this blog and is in a similar situation as me, do not worry. It is okay to be living alone or have your friends move back home without you. You have grown so much while working in a new setting, and hopefully, you can transfer what you have learned to what you are going to do next. Sounds really cheesy, but as sad as I am for being alone, I am excited to be on my own and get a little more of a taste of what it is like to be a young professional living alone in a big city.

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  • August 14, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    I am now in the same situation as you. All of my friends have left the city, but I am still finishing my internship. If you are still in D.C., I would suggest continuing to explore and doing what you enjoy. It can sometimes be very peaceful to walk through the monuments or museums on your own and have a chance to reflect and take your time.


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