Blog #4: My favorite experience as an intern

Political consulting involves a lot of different facets. From financing, to campaigning, to fundraising, to strategizing, and to public relations, you gain multitudes of experience and can truly see everything that a campaign encompasses. As such, I have had a few different experiences with some of the events that political consultants do. These include fundraisers, meet-and-greets, forums, etc. However, my favorite event, and most interesting experience thus far, was last week at one of the events we helped set up for.

The event was called the Dawn Clark Netsch Forum, in honor of the late Dawn Netsch, an influential Illinois politician. The event was held by the Illinois Women’s Institute for Leadership, an organization we work closely with. IWIL is a really cool organization that promotes women’s participation in the government. Upon starting my internship, I was excited to become exposed to an organization dedicated to a cause such as this one.

For the event, I got there a few hours early, and helped set up for the event. It included a cocktail hour and the forum, so during the cocktail hour I assisted in checking people in, directing people, etc. Then, once everyone started to head upstairs for the event, I ate some of the left over food quickly, and ran up to listen to the forum.

This year’s forum was titled “Civil Rights in Public Policy” and I loved it. It lasted an hour, and the panel was made up of various civil rights lawyers, ACLU members, etc. They spoke on various topics such as Trump’s travel ban, refugees, and police brutality. It was really interesting to hear discussions on these topics from such renowned people, who know so much and have been involved so heavily in events related to them. It was invigorating to see how passionate these people were, and how much they were willing to put on the line to stand up for different people. It truly inspired me and reaffirmed everything I believed I wanted to do in my life. While I loved the work I did this year, I know I want to be more on the policy front of things, and this event only served to remind me of that.

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