Evaluating and Growing | #4

I am a little over half way done now and have a few more weeks left. Looking back at the goals I set before the internship I can say that I have meet my goal of meeting with my supervisor outside of work and even more than my planned once a week. Our living arrangements are apartment style in a block villa and she lives right above me. At the beginning of my internship she invited me to come up anytime to her place if I needed space from any of the other interns. So she and I have become closer than I expected. I also have become very to our in-country and state side medical directors. I have meet with our stateside medical director twice thus far and our in-country medical director and I meet with each other at least once if not twice a week. Some things I have done well so far have been organization and problem solving. Every week we go to two churches within villages and need to create our clinic stations from scratch. It is important to set up our stations well because it directly correlates with how well our clinic will run that day. With time I have become more acquainted with how the clinic runs and what helps it run most smoothly. The feedback I have gotten from my supervisors is that I am good at delegating and the visual and mental planning for our clinic. Many days they leave me in charge of scoping out the location and then giving the orders for how the set up should be carried out. There has been an area of growth that I need to work on. My communication needs to be more clear and I need to be seeking more clear communication from my supervisors when I am unsure. Twice this summer I ran up against issues with my boss because I misunderstood her or she misunderstood me. They lead to some very constructive conversations and new insight. So far my goals have been met and I am excited to continue to grow with this organization.

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