Kids Fest Blog #4

After nearly two months prepping for the film fest, I had no idea what to expect when it arrived. The Kids Fest was just around the corner, and our cardboard castle for the kids to play in was nearly completed. The Kids Fest is an alternative part of the festival. It’s where the kids finally get to have their well-deserved time. The volunteers there stand out because each year it is the same volunteers coming back. I completely understand why. They’re a family, and they made me feel like I fit in. One of them was explaining to me how they call themselves the “misfits” of the festival, which made me chuckle because it’s true. They were such an amazing, supportive group of hard-workers. I still cannot believe the amount of community that resides up in Traverse City. Getting to work with my manager, Linda, was a complete joy. She showed how to be a good leader. She let people come up with their own ideas and actually gave them the go to make those ideas a reality. She understood that some things are beyond our control, and that it was pointless to get stressed and upset about it, but rather much more beneficial to take a deep breath and figure out a solution. She constantly asked me if I was having fun, reminding enjoying life was the most important part of the experience.


I had originally thought I would be dealing more with the kids during Kids Fest, but it turned out that I was dealing more with the volunteers. I had to make sure that they were all happy and that they had enough help present at their station. We had wonderful activities for the kids to do, such as martial arts, yoga, bubbles, balloons, a giant chess, mind games, face painting, a costume tent, crafts, and more. Luckily, the kids loved it. All I saw was laughter and smiling faces. The major plus was the free popcorn and water. Those days were exhausting for sure, but I’m proud to see that all the work we put into the fest turned out wonderfully. I am so happy to have been the Kids Fest intern!


 Pictured are the three managers and me soaked because on the first day the Kids Fest got rained out halfway through it. I’ve never been so drenched before in my life.


 Pictured is Little Red Riding Hood from the cardboard castle for the Kids holding my hand. 🙂

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