Learning How to Harmonize Work and Life| #3

It has already been a full two weeks into my internship and I couldn’t be more proud with my accomplished work. My time this week was dedicated to designing and creating a brand new website for Midsummer Tea.  This was something I have always wanted to be a part of and accomplish as an undergrad.  Online branding opens many doors for opportunity. Figuring out how to use my creative skill as a key to those doors has finally been applicable. I believe learning the ins and outs of an online business is an outstanding skill and this week I finally felt tested as an intern.

Here is a before and after picture of the old and then new website






Great results came from this week’s work. We have increased website traffic to over 250 new page views and have made two sales (the tea is sold as a luxury product). I’m happy because now, the business is able to be pushed further with marketing campaigns because of the efficiency and cohesiveness the new website offers. Me and the other intern even got a day off as a reward for our hard work on the website. We went to old town in Stockholm city and it was gorgeous! This week went smooth. More importantly, I saw new work habits fall into place.

In just these two weeks, I feel as though my work ethic and some basic lifestyle habits have changed for the better. My work ethic has improved because of the peaceful environment I work in. After work, I don’t need to worry about what I have to do until the next day. This allows me to destress when I get home instead of normally having to  “get back to work” on assigned homework. A relaxed work environment has done wonders to developing efficient work habits. I feel at ease and way less distracted. It has made me want to work overtime or on weekends. Say what?! Not minding the work I’m assigned is a first! Thank you internship.

Not only have new work habits fallen into place, but I see my lifestyle changing too. It has become more simple. I’m less busy in my free time and I don’t feel drastically overwhelmed with those “what should I really be doing now” thoughts. Things in the Swedish countryside are simple and I miss the beauty of that in busy Ann Arbor. When my lifestyle is more simple I become a cleaner, nicer, happier person. I can prioritize my free time to get stuff done that I really want to do, like working out or making my room clean.

For the first time ever, I feel like as though my work life and lifestyle have begun to fuse together. I see this the most during my free time or on the weekends. I catch myself constantly thinking on how I can improve this small business. I always to want to be inspired and learn more about online marketing tactics, not just for this internship but for myself. More importantly, this new internship has shown me how distracting my social lifestyle is during the school year. My student work and lifestyle was much more separated and the two did not go together. Everyday here I learn how much easier life can be if work life and non-work life fall seamlessly together.

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