On the Sea | 6

After six weeks of life in Piran under my belt, I’ve gathered a bit of both lab and field experience. In the labs, I have been completing polymerase chain reactions, while in the field I have been collecting water and jellyfish samples. While working in labs has been nice, my favorite experience since arriving was when I got the chance to go out to the Adriatic Sea to collect water samples. While I needed to wake up early for this trip, I got the opportunity to see the entirety of the Slovenian coast, along with a bit of the Italian coast. While on this trip, I helped with the collection of water samples from different depths. This water will be used for algae identification. Besides water collection on this trip, I also got the chance to observe some wildlife in the sea, such as some jellyfish and dolphins. Even when moving from collection point to collection point, I found an opportunity to sit back and enjoy the warm sunlight and the ocean breeze. While I haven’t gotten the chance to go back to these locations, I hope to visit these locations again to observe the wildlife and ocean.

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