Same Path. Different Department #6

About a year ago, I wanted to get involved in an internship in healthcare administration or management.  I had made connections with some employees in the OBGYN department at the University of Michigan Health System.  I landed an internship in the administration area of the OBGYN department.  Although this internship helped me confirm that I enjoy working in healthcare administration, I would choose to work in a different department.  I can’t find any fault in the department that I was assigned.  But, I would prefer to be in a department of the hospital where I would be able to overlook all of the departments, instead of just one apartment.

Since this internship has helped me confirm that hospital administration is a good fit for me, I’ve been looking into my options and opportunities for graduate school.  I would love to pursue the Master of Health Services Administration Program at the University of Michigan.  In order to reach my goals, I plan on regularly visiting the LSA Opportunity Hub for help in finding an internship for next summer that is more compatible with my academic and professional goals.  During this course, I’ve edited my fall class schedule a bit in order to further explore my interests in public health.  Overall, this internship has really helped me confirm my interest in hospital/healthcare administration.

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