The Big Presentation | #4

The big day had finally arrived this past Wednesday. My research partner and I would be presenting about our research project to an audience filled with research faculty and students. We had already presented to the program directors in a competition to go on to present during the symposium. We did well enough during the competition to earn a spot in the symposium. I was incredibly nervous for the presentation because I do not consider myself to be a very strong public speaker. It’s just something I’ve never really had to do much, so I wasn’t very practiced at the art of it. In order to prepare for our big presentation my research partner and I met up time and time again to make sure the PowerPoint was perfect. We would be presenting on our research methods, findings, and future steps that our findings could lead to. For our research we had been investigating the role of food pantries on college campuses. We presented on the interesting findings from the pantries that we visited and the commonalities between them. In order to prepare for the presentation I made sure that I had it memorized by practicing every single night. I was extremely nervous in the hours before the presentation. I was nervous most of all to be presenting in front of my research mentors. I wanted to make them proud. I was also nervous about the question and answer portion because there wasn’t much of a way to prepare because we didn’t know what we would be asked. The presentation came and went. I felt myself shaking with nerves but I knew the material and felt that I did a good job. My mentors even said that my partner and I both did very well. I’m very glad to have had this opportunity to present at the research symposium as it has made me more of a confident public speaker.

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