The Last Leg

With really only one week left, I’m caught between looking forward and getting ready to go home, and looking back and seeing just how much I’ve done in the last 11 weeks. I joined an ultimate frisbee team (and learned a lot), got to visit various consulates on official US government duty, I’ve gotten to see and explore the most amazing city in the country and above all else, learn what my future might look like. However, now that all of my other friends are beginning to wrap up their work and head home, the journey ahead is just as exciting. From the day I head home to the day I move back into Ann Arbor, I know I’m going to fielded with hundreds of questions from people wondering what DC is like, and what working for the government really does look like. And I have to say, that even though those conversations are weeks out, I’m excited to have them. I’ve really enjoyed almost every minute of my internship so far. From my first day alone in DC with the president waving at me through his motorcade, to the time a man yelled “Clinton is being impeached!” to me in a subway station, DC has always been full of wonderful surprises that always make new experiences easy to find. And it’s not just downtown either. From my time serving in soup kitchens in Georgetown to exploring deep into Rock Creek park, all 10 square miles of the district have their own unique flavor and experiences to be had. One of the big questions I had asked myself before I started was “Do I even want to live in the big city?” And the answer is, yes. While scorching hot at times, this city is truly quite the place to be if you want to go into law, and I’m excited for the possibilities to work here, or even go to law school here. I can look back at my internship now without the foggy lenses of nostalgia and truly think about just what I’ve done here. However, my time is not yet over. With one week still to go, there are still many adventures to be had and a lot more experiences to have.

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