Waiting Around for Cottage Inn #5

Yesterday, Michigan Medicine’s Women’s Health Program hosted World Breastfeeding Week.  I was responsible for advertising, setting up delivery (food and furniture), and setting up for the event.  Our event was scheduled to begin at 12:00pm.  In weeks prior, I had received confirmation that Cottage Inn would be donating and delivering sixteen pizzas at 11:45am for our event.  I waited around at the front of the hospital for Cottage Inn to call or arrive.  After a while of waiting, I called Cottage Inn; they had no track of our order/donation.

I went back into the our event’s venue.  I tried to find my boss, who was coordinator of the event.  She was no where to be found.  My mind was spiraling.  I was responsible for feeding at least fifty people; I didn’t have any food and less than five minutes.  I rushed down to the hospital’s cafeteria.  Somehow, I was able to get the cafeteria to provide me with seven pizzas within the following twenty minutes.  I walked all the way back to our venue with the seven pizzas.  I arrived halfway through the event.

After the fact, Cottage Inn was contacted.  They apologized and blamed themselves.  I felt off the hook.  Even though my boss and I  received a confirmation email 72 hours prior to the event, it is still important to check in with the delivery company 24 hours in advance.  Even though I felt defeated during the process, I had to think on my toes and stay rational.

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