Always Learning | #2

The past two weeks, I have been contributing to my internship in other ways beyond just writing for our blog. I was able to sit in on two depositions with the attorney at our law firm, which is basically when someone involved in the case testifies on record about the car accident, their injuries, or anything that might help the defense or the prosecutor win their argument. In both depositions, it was our client testifying for the defense, who was a lawyer from the insurance company we are trying to win money from. Also present in the depositions was a court reporter, typing everything anyone says so that it can be available for court records if the case needs to go to trial or otherwise. There were a lot of really basic questions, but it is interesting to see the objections and questions the lawyers pose. I also thought it amplified the connection between lawyers and their clients, and how working in law requires a lot of communication and conversational skills.

I also was able to conduct my own client interview. I asked a mother and daughter who The Michigan Law Firm won a settlement for about their car accident and experience working with our law firm. I will then type a summary of the interview to add to our website blog, with the hope that potential clients will better understand the lawsuit process and will want to choose our firm to support them in their cases. I enjoy getting outside the daily office routine and having a change of scenery, as it also offers fresh inspiration for my blog writing.


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