Blog Post 2 | Staying Busy

Since my last blog post, I have joined another organization as a content intern! I’ve joined Distinct Life, a creative agency out of Detroit, as a content intern for their blog. Owned and operated by Rick and Yolanda Williams of Burn Rubber, the Distinct Life blog will emphasize story telling and celebrate diverse culture over click bait headlines. We are building a content platform targeted towards millennials and Generation X, with categories such as wellness (financial, mental, and physical), community profiles and interviews, and restaurant reviews. I’ve been an avid reader of GQ, Highsnobiety, Hypebeast, Complex, and others, but felt that they were sometimes more focused on Yeezy’s and Big Baller Brand than on the interesting features I loved. I have been writing a series of pieces focused on financial literacy such as budgeting, credit scores, and more. As I researched best personal finance practices, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t condescending or preachy, but still informative and relatable. I used quotes from Kanye West and Jay-Z and gave personal anecdotes of my own mishaps. At Distinct Life, I’m also working with five other interns from different backgrounds. We share common interests like hip-hop, sneakers, and fashion but bring our own unique perspectives to each situation. Every Monday morning we have a meeting where we present our articles for the week and give feedback to one another. These meetings are the highlight of my week, where we all make each other’s work better, discuss upcoming events and bat around ideas for future content. Some of the co-workers have written about the new Little Caesar’s arena in Detroit, his favorite 4 songs on Jay-Z’s 4:44, and reviewed Johnny Noodle King in Detroit, and sat down with the sous chef. I’ve definitely been staying busy between Distinct Life and Cribspot, but I’m having a lot of fun as well.

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