Blog#4 midterm check in

Since I started blogging 3 weeks ago, my first blog has already talked about the change of my goal through the whole intern process. I don’t plan to discuss it in this blog.  Here I am going to talk about the plan for my last month of intern and what I learned from this intern that I think I can take with me in the later semester or even into my next work.

As I said in the first blog, I planned to write at least one strategy that will work for the book of our fund. I think I am pretty close to this goal. I have already built something that’s promising. But the whole process of building a useful strategy/ score is much more complicated than I thought. It takes patience, knowledge, intuition, and luck.  Almost all the projects I have now are raised by myself, I know exactly where I am now. Thus I am a little bit worried about the speed of the projects. One month seems to be very tight if I want to monetize all the projects I have. So I am thinking about ranking the priority, and the projects one by one, at least by the time I leave I will be able to monetize one of them.

I really learned a lot, not only on the tech level but also so logistics, from this intern. All the amazing models which earned billions of dollars for different quant funds are started from fundamental ideas and tested thoroughly through out the time.  Patience and keeping organized are really important in this business. I am glad I learned this lesson early than late.

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