Developing the Garden Space- Blog 4

All throughout the summer we’ve been developing the garden by planting crops, clearing old growth and making new beds. We’ve hosted several volunteer groups. One in particular is Repair the World, which is a Jewish organization that focuses on connecting teens from the suburbs to organizations in Detroit to strengthen and grow community bonds with their Peer Corp program. A lot of work is done around Hope House by volunteers and interns because so much manpower is needed. Usually, by August everything is stable and light weeding and watering is the only necessary constant. Waiting on the veggies to mature can be exciting. There are already a number of tomatoes bulging out from the trellis, but they’re still green. I have not seen any of the eggplants yet, though. I never really was a fan of eggplant, but I figured since I planted them, then I should at least give them a try with my adult palate. I had a change of heart regarding beets and it was purely because of the beets we roasted with the kids at the resiliency camp. I can say that I have grilled beets at home at least three times since the camp and as a matter of fact, I will be grilling some tonight. I’m glad to be incorporating new healthy habits into my life.  I’m definitely eager for more.

Other visitors to the garden were students from Oakland University. They were conducting a study on pollinators in urban gardens and chose the Voices for Earth Justice garden as one of their locations. They set up insect traps and temperature monitors in various areas of the garden. This past Wednesday was their last day and they came to collect their items. Apparently they observed the high activity of the bees in the wildflower section of the garden and were inspired to gift Hope House with a book about bees as a thank you. 


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