“First Day In” Blog #1

Hello, this post was supposed to be posted on June 6, 2017. It was a successful first day! I just starting my internship for Aflac Insurance Company as a Sales/Marketing Intern. I was stationed in the Ann Arbor office down on Packard road. I came into the office starting at 9am, with a little too much of a business casual attire after I compared myself to what everyone else was wearing, ready to attack any task that came my way. As I became situated within my office space, I was too overwhelmed with how many Aflac ducks there were staring at me. It felt as if I was being watched from all around. My supervisor came in and wanted to introduce me to the rest of the coworkers in the office. I was greeted with warm, welcoming hands from everyone. She then showed me around the office, and explained where everything was if I ever needed something. With it being my first day, I was given any hard task or anything. I just had to read through their different insurance policies and gain a better understanding of what I was be marketing. After going through everything, my supervisor came in and told me that I will start the actual training tomorrow. I have never been so eager to see what was in store for me interning at Aflac.

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